December 22, 2010

December 21: Putting My Self at the Top of My List

Consider Steps Eight and Nine and look first at yourself:  "I made the list of people I have harmed---and I put myself at the top of the list."  Perhaps this way of launching these Steps has never occurred to you??

I don't think I am unique: Somewhere early on, I learned that to think of myself first was wrong.  Strangely, by putting others first,  I inadvertently became a burden to others.  

I need to admit that I have harmed myself from this way of thinking and living. Recovery is about living differently.  Improving myself first, is the only way to act.  

I am most certainly humbled when I consider these words  from Today's Courage to Change:  "Now I know that to take responsibility for myself is the first thing I must do to make  the world a better place.  Being true to me is one of the greatest gifts I can give to those around me." 

It is not my business to inspire people, but certainly if I am successful in how I take proper care of myself, I may serve as an example.   Let me accept this as true: that to give advice to others is to intrude; right action is to use that advice on myself.

"Most  of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine." Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I had to make amends to myself before I could make amends to others. I also made amends to my Higher Power. I like what you said about it not being my business to inspire people, but to serve as an example to them.

  2. Thank you! This is so very relevant and nice to hear for me today :-)

  3. I do encourage people around me to Journal and be creative. It is a way in to the garden- where we can strengthen our relationship with our spirits and thus our H.P.

  4. In my Emotions Anonymous program, frequently a Sponsor has their Sponsee make amends to Others first, then themselves. I am so relieved to have been able to share our CTC and receive validation for the importance of self-care.


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