February 20, 2011

February 16: Healing Our Painful Secrets

"....Emotional illness often brings along additional problems including verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, illness.. infidelity, even death. Some of these problems can be so embarrassing that we don't dare to talk about them."

 In every 12-step approach, we eventually learn we are only as sick as our secrets. When we let our secrets out, we can begin to let go of our shame.    If we don't bring secrets into the light, they keep us trapped.  

It is best to share our secrets with someone trustworthy, who understands the nature of  emotional illness.  We are never as hopeless or different as we think, nor are we ever  alone in experiencing shame.  Others in our fellowship have been in many of the same situations and may be willing to listen and help.

"The times I most want to hide out with my secrets, are the times I most need to reach out and share them with others. When facing a difficult situation, let me remember that my Higher Power speaks through other people. I don't have to face [my pain or my shame] alone."

Friends share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand.
- Henri Nouwen

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