February 20, 2011

February 18: Tolerance and Step Four

Daily practice of the program makes a big difference in my life.  It teaches me tolerance for one thing.  Step four is one such teacher. 

By taking my own inventory  first, I found it easier to accept the limitations of others. 
 I  become more tolerant of other people. For example, in step four, I discovered that I had some of  the same shortcomings I so easily saw in others.  

As I climb the spiral staircase  of understanding, I see that my thinking was distorted, and my  behavior inconsistent. My own perceptions were so off the mark, that it is likely that I have been seeing others in an incorrect light as well.  Program reminds me it is not my job to fix others, because I can't always rely on my perceptions. How many times have I made up my mind that someone else's way of being is wrong, only to find that false pride was blocking my vision.   I really don't know what anyone else should think, feel, or do. Justifying any emotion, even intolerance, will take me to a state of dis-ease.

My sponsor is my example, showing me that regular, dedicated practice of program principles maintains self-honesty and unconditional positive regard towards myself as well as others.  Such tolerance allows me to be more and more open and kind to everyone in my  life. 

Thank Goodness for our meetings, fellowship, Steps, traditions and "literature" for helping me improve my ability to relate to others. Each day that I renew my commitment to program principles, my recovery deepens.

"An earnest and concentrated study of the program, in depth, will help us to become more tolerant, confident, and loving, teaching us to accept the faults of others as we seek to correct shortcomings in ourselves."

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  1. I do still take others' inventory but I've noticed that I am much quicker to realize it these days and even use it to correct that very behavior in myself.


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