March 11, 2011

Questions with no answers, want to try a sample?

I don't believe I am need any medications, once I get real sleep, and I have gotten too much sleep lately, so it seems right to ask my doctor to guide me through the process of weaning. Only, I don't have faith that he would ever take the lead, so I am pulling at my leash long before he is ready.

At my last psychiatry appointment I came away with names of newer drugs with mysterious names that we might try sometime if I want to. I can read about them online:  Saphris, fenapt... drugs that are supposed to tame the tiger of psychosis.  Who thinks of these names? And why do so many make it into the psychiatrist's office as samples, that the pharmacy has never before heard of?

And why oh why are there so few medications that "work" that are really affordable? By the time a medication has gone generic, the doctors are finally admitting they don't work that well or they are dangerous. "Oh, we have a better one now, with fewer side effects. Want to try a sample?"


  1. wow
    I have tried a lot of meds but never from free samples that I recall. I haven't heard of the ones you are talking about. I take seroquel - a very low dose - which works well for me. It helps me sleep and keeps the mood shifts from becoming overwhelming. It does not stop me from "switching" but that's not really a big problem anymore, anyway. I'm getting past that pretty well with therapy and when it still comes up it's not for as long as before.

    I also take welbutrin for depression and xanax as needed.

    I have written some about other meds that I took and the reasons I got off of them on my blog, if your interested. I think you could probably find them on the keywords list...

    hope you figure it out. It's been my experience that docs don't want to take you off meds unless there is a severe problem with the medication (side effect). I hope your doc will work with you on what feels right to you.

  2. Big pharma wants more money. Like a lot of things, it is driven by greed.


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