May 6, 2011

The Healing Power of Gratitude....

May 5's  ODAT inspired this adaptation which I want to share with my Emotions Anonymous community....

Do I realize how much I have to be grateful for in my life?  Let me give thought to the things in my life that are worth my enjoyment and appreciation.

Let me not underestimate the importance of taking time for this kind of meditation or prayer.  If I am too preoccupied with my woes to make time for appreciation, then I am allowing my mind to dwell on grievances or worries. The more I think on what bothers me, the bigger the bother to me!  Until I chose to guide my thoughts to what is bright and good in my life, I am letting myself be controlled by negative thinking.  Let me surrender to God and his goodness instead.

Like soothing water, meditation is needed to nurture spiritual growth. I have a choice in what I feed my thoughts and prayers. When I meditate on what is good in my life, it tends to increase each day, silencing the pity party in my head, that is only able to point out what I lack and  what is hurting me. It is when I turn my thoughts to the good that I am able to use God's help in imagining ways to make my life orderly and serene.

"God has given us the faculties by which we are able to bear what comes to pass without being crushed or depressed thereby. Why then do we sit and moan and groan, blind to the Giver, making no acknowledgement to Him, but giving ourselves to complain?"  Epictetus

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  1. I am glad to not be dwelling on what is wrong but thinking in gratitude about what is right.


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