June 19, 2011

Gratitude, Today is Done

Step Eleven speaks of prayer and meditation. I am glad that gratitude is considered a prayer practice in Alanon, because this program basic is likely going to help me each day of our son's house-boundedness. Mind you, today was a grumpy, sometimes fearful and snappy day for our family!

Maybe I need to explain. Our son came home early from camp because he broke his leg playing Ultimate frisbee. I am not grateful for that. But I am grateful it is a simple break of the tibia in the lower leg.

 I am grateful to finally accept it is OK  that my spouse and I are hovering, our son is bored and irritated, and that we at least have air-conditioning to escape  the outdoor heat. Even if we all want our ways to escape our house together and can't.  It is the worst for my son and I, because my spouse has outside routines like a daily run and a life at work.  I don't have routines that are not planned around our son. Our main outdoor activities were swimming at least three times a week. Good-bye to that plan.

I am grateful for little ideas that worked today. Board games (for the bored?) for one.  And that our pre-teen is open to bean bag toss for ages 3 and up (set up in our living room) and even the idea of working on the scout badges he did not complete at camp.

Grateful that I refrained from feeling like I had to be super devoted parent focused only on my child, and allowed myself lap swimming and two meetings for sanity this weekend.  

Grateful for the friend that reminded me, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I think of that in regards to my own mom, and realize it's true-- she did not allow herself to pursue her excellence and it made me and my sib very very unhappy too. It takes a lifetime to shake unhappy habits. I get an intense practice on playing with new mom habits with this change imposed on our plans for the summer. 

Grateful for that little bit of anxiety medication that I could use to deal with going out to a busy restaurant on Father's Day. I needed to go and put on a game face. It was important for my spouse and son and I to celebrate.  Fathers are important and I am glad I can think fondly of my own.


  1. No matter what I'm doing, I always need a little ME time. If I don't take it, we all suffer...glad you were able to take some time for you.

  2. Thanks for the specific thought on taking ME time. I have taken ME time every day this week. I even took ME time when I was waiting in the emergency room at our local hospital yesterday. I learned about new ways to manage anxiety. With specific B-vitamins. I needed that....

  3. I have my me time at the end of the day since I seem to be running hither and yon at other times. It is so necessary after a day like yesterday.


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