June 5, 2011

The Step of Hope, Step Two

Have you taken the "Hope" Step, Step Two?  

In Step Two, we come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves "could" restore us to sanity. The word, "restore", reminds us that we have had sanity sometime in our lives and we can regain that inner peace again.   We begin to "take back" our potential for sanity, by being open to exploring the Program and its tools.   

What are we asked to do in Step Two, really?  Only that we open our minds to the possibility that help is available here and now. We may already know of a source of assistance that can "do for us what we have unable to do for ourselves."  May you find that Power now!

 Yet, in this early step we don't even have to believe in that Higher Power ... we need only admit there is a possibility ...... that healing can happen. 

This "admission", this "chink in the armor of despair," is all that is needed to demonstrate our willingness to move in the direction of healing and hope.   

Simply recognizing the possibility that help exists, opens a path that can motivate us to explore the possibility of a relationship with a Higher Power.   "That little willingness goes a long way towards making hope and faith an ongoing part of our lives. In the hands of a Higher Power, sanity and serenity become realistic hopes."

Our literature speaks of the possibility of finding contentment... even happiness... through recovery in our program. Let me take the Second Step in that process and open my mind to hope.

"Finding inner strength is looking beyond the whole and focusing life's search on the unseen." As We Understand

(Adapted for from June 4th's Courage to Change in Alanon.)

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