September 29, 2011


You called me out just today about material shared in innocence over a year ago, April of 2010,  on my blog.  JC, You could have simply issued a caution. I choose to respect the honesty, and let the insults stand for themselves.  Your insults, Your inventory.

For those who don't know, I'd typed from Courage to Change from January to mid-August  in hopes of putting CTC words of wisdom to work in my life.   In August 2010,  I put my practice to rest when a viewer helped me to understand it was plagiarism. So, I changed my  recovery practice, to share more my interpretations and experience in response to CAL literature instead.   And I've branched out in other directions since then. 

Truth was, from the beginning, the only way I got anything out of the literature,  was to buy my own copy. So, I have always encouraged others who stumbled on my adaptations of Courage to Change.... to buy their own book and, better yet, get to a meeting.   

Meanwhile, JC, perhaps it IS time I understood that the earlier material I'd innocently put up for myself to use, is a free read for others.   

In order to create a clearer message, I've been taking down the remains of last year's adapted material that is largely material from Courage to Change (which I'd adapted for family members whose lives are impacted, not by alcoholism, but by a dysfunctional family member.)  If you want what I have, buy it.  Courage to Change is accessible, and eye-opening read for anyone who wants to get exposed to program principles. All you need do is, like me, to translate it to your own issues. 

Many of you may know that my work is becoming more oriented around using my personal understanding of program to live one day at a time through an expected move... and growing my EA program to address Family of Origin issues.  

I continue privately to develop  Alanon concepts to address life with a person having Borderline Personality Disorder. Through Alanon I've learned how to better make personal peace with my mom and help my Sponsees determine whether Step Nine is advised with their BPD family member.  

What remains on my blog are my own interpretations, personal story and musings.  

Best, Smitty


  1. I am sorry Smitty that you got reamed. I understand what you were doing when you used CTC. I think that your blog has a great message. Thanks for continuing to be here.

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  3. I thank you for your caring words, Syd.

    I could have kept quiet about JC's comment, but I went ahead and published it. Then, I felt called to answer JC.

    I don't think it is possible for someone like him/her to understand my wanting to adapt the literature to make my own program stronger. Or the power of rewriting someone else's healing words. I own the Alanon literature that I adapted for my use in my earliest blog posts. I wanted the readings at my fingertips so that I could index them in my own way and choose readings that spoke to specific problems I was having. Because I had had had so many hard drive failures and lost files, I wanted the healing tools and ability to index to be done in a safe place off my computer. I found immediately, that having it in the blog was a little like having an online Bible to access with keywords.

    An online Bible can not replace a "real" book. Just as Alanon literature does not deliver the power of a meeting.

    I discovered, in sojourning in Al-anon myself, that my personality disordered person is just like a drunk, without the alcohol! It was my thought, that if others like myself could see how adaptable the Alanon readings are, that they would be encouraged to seek out a meeting to recover from living with a person with a personality disorder..

    Many of us would benefit from Al-anon, who might otherwise not think there was a place for them. Me, I am the granddaughter of an alcoholic, and might never have realized I myself had a family disease, without being welcomed in our Alanon rooms. Praise God~

  4. um- not sure what happened and I don't see the comment. I just want you to know I read this blog every day and called my sponsor with my self application of your ctc adaptation. I am sorry something has happened to change this good thing in my life. I am sure you have helped others as you helped me.

    1. Hi, I guess my arm has kept me from catching your comment in a timely fashion, and publishing it.

      I do moderate comments, the only ones that I don't publish are those that are clearly spam.

      Do appreciate your stopping by. Please come by again!


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