May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Other Spiritual Concepts

I re-learned a lesson today about the origins of Mother's Day in my spiritual fellowship.

Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic) was the first woman to dream of a day to bring mothers together across the divide of North and South following the Civil War.

Her influence was not enough to make it a national holiday. Not until the outbreak of World War I, did this idea grow roots and become a political action. Now it is a day of cards and flowers.

For me it is a day of some mixed emotions. I am glad to be a mom.  But I have a rather confused and conflicted relationship with my mom who is still alive. I guess tradition would have me send her a white and red carnation.

I did honor my mom with a set of hand-knit washcloths with a heart in the middle of each.  

She had the huztpa to call me to see if she was getting a card the day before her package arrive, but not the grace to say thank you when it reached her.

Oh well, my own gratitude practice is enough.  I am grateful she can be herself with me.

I invite everyone to celebrate your own "Inner Mother," especially if you, like me, did not get the best nurturing from your Mother. I invite this Inner Celebration whether you are a man or woman.

I came across this idea today which sort of fits my study of a Higher Power (God) and my faith walk.

"Mother is another name for God... in the life of a child.."

Funny  but, I told my mom this week that I had been born again... as a child!  The Tao of Pooh helped me to see this as the next stage of my adult development.o


  1. That's good that you can see her being comfortable enough to say that to you. It's not easy being a mother sometimes. or a daughter.

  2. I think that often it is hard for people to express their true feelings. I am glad that you honored your mother by remembering her with a gift.


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