September 16, 2012

Listening to My Body, Part One

I find myself needing to listen to my body, knowing that it does not lie to me about my limitations.

My right arm and shoulder are "talking back" when I follow my natural inclinations to write  and contemplate using my fingers at the keyboard.

I love writing, and my hands labor over such small, but time-consuming, motions.

Even with double-handed labor, it is the right side that has been telling me, off and on for over two years, to limit my time on the computer.

Took a good break with our move and unpacking, and I thought I could get back on board with my recovery communities and blogging.  I have a book as well that I would like to make progress on, and am finding even the hand-written work is taxing.

Time for a new kind of balance.

 I had some great folks in my old community who knew my body and would have helped me locate an ergonomic specialist, but I ran out of time.

There is no one quite like the osteopath in my old home town. I had just started to learn the exercises for self-care, with his team of physical therapists.

Counting blessings. I do have a good chiropractor.   I am waiting for a massage therapist in my new home town to call me back.(Am I imagining it, or does my out of area phone number make people think twice about returning my calls?)

I want more than just treatment.  I want to know how I can continue to write, and not hurt myself doing it. I would like to know that my body was OK with this activity. 

It is saying, no.

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