September 25, 2012

Prayer and Powerlessness

Step Eleven rings out its call to sanctuary, in Today's reading: 

"May I take time daily by prayer and meditation to tap into Your source of limitless wisdom and love."

I see each person as a nucleus of power if we can accept we are just one part in a whole. Prayer connects us. 

It is profound and eloquent to consider how each day I live in connection to powers greater than myself. 

"Electricity is a power greater than myself.  Gravity is also a power greater than myself.  I cannot control them; yet, knowing their laws, I can tap into them and put them to use for myself. From acceptance of these large, natural powers, I was able to grow into a concept of a spiritual power greater than myself.  This power is the natural spiritual law.  If I put my faith and trust into that power, I tap something strong and useful to my growth, both internally and externally."

These words were answered  prayer from several months back, where once again, I'd tried to share the hope in our EA powerlessness statement. I am, happily, gratefully, and willingly powerless over my emotions. I attempted to explain this, I so wanted to open the mind of a well-read (and bred) newcomer to EA. 

I wish I had known about this reading during that time of trial. But I had to wait for Today, SEPTEMBER 25

Powerlessness to me is not literal, it is two sides of the same coin. Or a paradox? For me, there is fragile power expressed in the flutter of a butterfly's wing. 

"....nothing is unimportant, [there's] nothing powerless in the universe; a single atom can dissolve everything, and save everything!"   G. De N.


  1. Just beautiful! The most difficult stumbling block I had w/prayer was learning that God does NOT wear a watch. I'm maturing in His word and learning to rest in His perfect plan and timing.

  2. Step 11 is perhaps my favorite step. I've learned so much from it.


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