April 15, 2014

Facing West… into Life, with K

I need to share that my friend, K, is facing the challenge of cancer. 

I am very grateful to know that our calls, and occasional texts, are not an intrusion.  For me, each one gives me a chance to realize my own, more minor health concerns, are exactly that. Minor, and passing…

I face whatever parts of her journey she wants to share, or has stamina to share.   It is all on her call, and her time framework.

 Last week, she shared honestly with me about the details of chemo treatment. So, I know she wore her treatment pack to bed with her. (Of course, I am using my own language to say this, and it will be full of errors). I picture her finding comfort that this medicine is fighting a battle for her, while she sleeps. If I understood correctly, the chemo is going to be done in a few days every two weeks. My friend has been told she likely won't lose any hair. But she is beyond all that. She wants life, and can let go of her hair, for now.

Still, I like picturing that she may keep her locks. May she keep her smile and her humor… and prevail... 

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