January 8, 2015

When the Words Hurt

I often revel in the good that people in our rooms say, gems of wisdom.  But there are times when I would rather listen to people talk than read what they write.  Somehow I need to hear the tone, see the facial expression, and then I am better able to take what I need and leave the rest. 

When I read these words, today, "The important thing is to be KIND to yourself and to get that critical voice in your head to SHUT UP!" I so wanted to say something.  I wanted to say, how can I be kind to myself and treat the "voice" in my head with a SHUT UP. Something terribly incongruent in that makes me want to speak up, protest, or at least question.

But the person and I are not on equal terms, any longer, and so I must just go about my business. I think that hurts more than anything.  Not to speak up, seems like a disservice to this person who was once my friend…
But maybe on this one, I am supposed to be silent and speak my own truth on something totally different, from the simple well of this day. From my own disappointments, helpful suggestions… 


  1. For me, the critical voice in my head was not me, it was the abuser. I had internalised all of the negative messages I'd heard as a child from that person, and her nagging voice in my internal dialogue, was a backdrop to my life, before Al-Anon.
    I needed to tell her to shut up in order to find peace and serenity. I needed to talk back to those messages.

  2. I really appreciate your contrasting thought, T. It is with peace that I consider it. Needed those words, today.


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