May 26, 2016

Inner Critic and All Its Parts

I am hoping that someone in my orbit in cyberspace is familiar with Internal Family Systems theory. Oh I know, I don't like jargon either.  

That said, I know I have an Inner Critic at work in me and it is working overtime. It is keeping me from enjoying even the simplest aspects of life.  

Well, Jay Earley has devoted himself to Internal Family Systems and sees us as having more than one type of Inner Critic.  Or should I say he sees the Inner Critic as having many parts (or roles it tries to take on)—there's the Taskmaster, Perfectionist, Inner Controller, Underminer, Guilt Tripper, Conformist, and Destroyer. He's invited me and others to take the coming nine weeks to discover which ones are the most harmful to us. You can even take this quiz, using the link, to learn which of these types are the most trouble for you.  If I recall correctly, my top four were Perfectionist, Conformist, Underminer, and Destroyer. Just the word Destroyer has me scared.

I am not promoting his work, but if you take the test, to get the results you will need to have a login id and password.  I don't think this will get you on his email list, but if it does you can always unsubscribe. Dr. Earley is more concerned with helping people than spamming them.


  1. Don't listen to any of the characters living in your head. They would all like to be labled and you can spend your life talking about them or you can find something fun to do instead. Always a choice.

  2. You made me smile, Grace! I'm going to stay the course and trust that awareness of my multi-headed hydra will help me to take new actions.


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