June 4, 2016

Being Human, is like a Guesthouse

I so appreciate the poem of a well-known mystic, about a guesthouse.  He encouraged his readers to be fully human and embrace what is messy. Who knows, it  might be clearing us out for something better!   

For me, depression and ennui linger.   Of course, this program does not promise fast results. I believe it does promise  to help heal us and help us welcome one another as treasured guests.

My uninvited guests have not cleared out yet!  Yes,  I want for them to be gone!  But banning these guests is only going to turn them into  rebels. 

From Smitty, who would rather be loving, and loved,  than right.  To paraphrase afresh the long-standing program question, "Would you rather be right or happy?"

Thanks, Carol, for your fresh take on that Slogan

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